Chinese Chow Club


President Mrs M Bennett (Benchow)
Vice Presidents Mr G Jennings, Mr G Nicholson,
Miss N Stannard (Ulmarra) & Mrs C Trendle (Lusam)
Chairman Mr T Humphries (Kesals)
Vice Chairman Mr V Larkin
Secretary & Show Manager Mrs A Douse (Shasadee)
Membership Secretary Mrs L Hughes (Xingbao)
Treasurer Ms M Sargent (Tegwani)
Cup Steward Miss R J Ashmore

Committee members
Mrs A Humphries (Kesals), Mr M Hughes (Xingbao),
Miss K Hay, Miss M Hay, Mrs J Pickering


Mrs L Hughes
“Orchard End”
2 The Shepway
East Sussex, BN25 3SH
Tel: 01323 895685


Mrs A Douse
28 High Street
Northants, NN10 9LS
Tel: 01933 418939

Chinese Chow Club


Romy Jane Ashmore

Chinese Chow Club

I'm very proud to have been elected as Cup Steward and hope to be associated with the Committee for a long time to come. The Chinese Chow Club is where Rufus participated in his first puppy walk in February 2017 and has consequently become our home from home.

I lived in the Middle East before relocating to the Oxford in 2013 with mum, three pugs, two Pekingese and one chow. I work as an Executive Assistant to the Directors at Oxford Brookes University and live in Burford when not sat in traffic on the A40.

We’ve had Chows since 1989 and I’m very proud to be ruled by such a firm paw ! We’ve only been showing in the UK for a year but have most definitely got the bug and now spend most weekends grooming a very pampered and vain chow before zooming up the motorway in my little chow-mobile. Life revolves around the dogs and I wouldn't have it any other way although it can be hard work organising holidays around dog shows ! Main loves beside the four legged clan : Strictly Come Dancing, cooking & reading. Hope to eventually build upon my knowledge of Chows to become a judge but well aware it’s going to take years...


Mildred & John Bennett (Benchow)

Mildred has been the long serving Secretary and John Treasurer of the Chinese Chow Chow Club for many years and possibly one of the longest serving Chow Club Secretaries. What a team they made.

Mildred loved the self-red coat and over the years had some good winners mainly with males. They had the first Red Shaza of Coelegant whelped 29-1-1972 who did some useful winning and from whom all the Chows owned are descended. Benchow the Cossack a red cream shaded born 24-09-1975 followed. Notable winners were Benchow the Chinaman born 14-03-1983 another self-red who won a Reserve CC. The one most remembered was Ch. Benchow The Tsarevich born 29-10-1991, of course a self-red. He became a champion on 28th April 1994 he won at least 14 CC’s 4 with BOB and 6 Res. CC’s. Occasional bitches exhibited and Benchow Anelina born 29-10-1991 won 2 CC’s and 2 Res. CC’s. An advert placed in the Chow 90 stated “A small establishment of chows which are kept as household companions, whose aim is to breed quality and soundness without any form of exaggeration. Specialising in deep self-reds”

Mildred was always helpful to newcomers and instigated the now Chow Tea Party and the Chinese Judges Training system prior to the existing one run by all the Chow Clubs under the Chow Chow Breed Council.

Due to ill health Mildred and John reluctantly stepped down from the Chinese Club a few years ago, although Mildred is The President a position she is very proud of.
(written by Pam Godber)


Andrea Douse (Shasadee)

Chinese Chow Club

I was born into the world of dogs with my mums Setrof affix. I was bought up with Lhasa Apso’, Hungarian Puli’s and Bichon Frise, by the time I was 9 years old I really wanted to show. Mum would never let me show her dogs but a chap called Malcolm Crossland took me under his wing and taught me to handle and show his Pointers which I did Junior Handling Association with them. Mum by then knew I was serious in showing and gave me a red Lhasa Apso called King. My very first Lhasa was called Boomer and I had him when I was 12. We achieved a stud book number and had many fabulous times together.

By the time I had left school I always wanted to work in the Theatre but those of you that know me well know I cannot sing or dance but as I was training to be a hairdresser I had a light bulb moment and realised I could do hair and make up in the theatre. I trained to be a theatrical makeup artist and at 18 was Deputy Wig Mistress of Me and My Girl in London’s West End. Other shows I have worked on are Blood Brothers, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. There I met my husband to be. We got married in Las Vegas by Elvis and now have 2 children : Ronan who is 18 and really tries to keep away from the dog scene and Rosie who is 13. She adores the dogs and has achieved many awards in her time showing. She owns a Powder Puff Chinese Crested and a Lhasa Apso and is frequently seen showing Tia and any of the Shasadee Chows.

My early twenties I really wanted a more spritely dog to show than an Apso and that is when the Tibetan Terriers came in. I had 3 T.T : two boys and a girl. The girl gaining her Stud book number. In 2002 my first Chow came, and he was Buzz, although not the best show dog he will always be my special boy and made me love the breed so much. Now I have 5 Chows and a new homebred puppy waiting in the wings. I have my best friend Bentley - Ch Norskov’s Foni Baloni at Shasadee(8 CC, 5 RCC), my Golden Oldie she is 14 – Brinsar Bella Sue Von Shasadee (1 RCC), Tia – Shasadee’s Dhimond Tee Arra (1 CC, 1 RCC), Marvin - Shasadee’s Shamazin Marvin, and my one and only Bentley baby Lottie - Shasadee’s Billion Dolla Baby. I have also bred Shasadee’s Mr Doubleoseven at Kweichow (1 CC) and Ch Shasadee’s Baby Sham (3 CC, 2 RCC).

I have been on The Chow Chow Club committee for 7 years previous to joining The Chinese in 2016. I am Treasurer of the Chow Chow Breed Council and Cup Steward of The Chow of the Year plus I have been on Bedford & District Canine Society for 8 years and I am their Secretary.


Lisa Hughes (Xingbao)

I have worked from home as a PA to a litigation consultant since September 2000 and also run the administration side of Martin’s electrical business. I have been so fortunate to be able to raise our 3 children whilst working from home. Our eldest daughter Melissa is almost 18, Jas is 15 and our son Sam is 11. The first chow we met was in 2012 and is owned by Dave & Linda Heard, bred by Liz McCullough. We instantly fell in love with the breed. Dave & Linda are now very good friends of ours. I love that dogs can bring people near and far together and Dave and Linda Heard the owners of Riley the chow are very special to us and we often remind them that our love for the breed “is all their fault” haha. After researching the breed our family purchased our first chow in January 2013, a cream male named Iorek Byrnison after the polar bear in the film The Golden Compass. When Iorek was 8 months old we were encouraged by an old family friend who shows English Toy Terriers to take him to ringcraft classes. We soon began showing and met Chris Trendle at a Show at Ardingly Showground who told us about the Chinese Chow Club Tea Party. I remember walking into the Tea Party and being so overwhelmed with the number of chows all in one place. It was the first chow event we ever attended and The Chinese Chow Club will always be special to our family for that reason. In March 2015 Misia a black chow oozing with personality joined our family, she didn’t take to showing and much prefers to supervise everyone from the comfort of the sofa! Then two red litter sisters Gypsy and Naboo came to join our family in January 2017. We had our first litter in July last year and kept a black girl named Aayla.

In April 2015 I attended a seminar and passed the Points of the Dog and Conformation and Movement. I joined the Chinese Chow Club Committee in 2016 and I am now Membership Secretary, Calendar Girl and provide the catering at our Club Shows and events.


Martin Hughes (Xingbao)

I have my own electrical business. I have been married to Lisa since 1996 and we have 3 children. Melissa is almost 18, Jas is 15 and our son Sam is 11. In 2012 Lisa and the children saw Dave & Linda Heard’s chow Riley when they were walking past our house and I knew I was in trouble! After meeting Dave & Riley it wasn’t long before I understood how and why they had fallen in love with the breed and I was also hooked! After researching the breed our family purchased our first chow in January 2013, a cream male named Iorek Byrnison after the polar bear in the film The Golden Compass. Iorek is very much a “daddy’s boy”. When Iorek was 8 months old we began showing and our first chow event was the Chinese Chow Club Tea Party. It was brilliant to see so many chows together and it made me love the breed even more. We now have 5 chows, Iorek, Misia, Gypsy, Naboo and Aayla. We had our first litter in July last year and Aayla was one of our pups. We are now enjoying training and showing Aayla.

I joined the Chinese Chow Club Committee in 2016 and provide the catering at our Club Shows and events. I very much enjoy being part of our friendly Committee.


Alison & Terry Humphries (Kesals)

Chinese Chow Club
Chinese Chow Club

Alison and I purchased our first chow in Dec 1975 a bitch from a Mr & Mrs Silk who we named Zodie Lee of Clent. A second chow, a male, was then purchased in 1976 from Mr And Mrs Janet Burton named Helmer Mincan Kessimere, and we first started showing him in 1978 with some success.

In 1979 we had our first litter of puppies, we kept a red dog and bitch. Kesals Charlie Chan and Kesals Shady Lady Jana from a mating to Pam and Stef Godber’s King Elvis. Chan was shown with a little success in 1980. We then purchased a black bitch from Baxtichow Kennels, Baxtichow Davina at Kesals. When mated to Chan they produced a litter of 5 puppies and we kept a red dog, Kesals Master Poh. He was shown with limited success. We then mated him to Kesals Shady Lady Jana, a litter of 5 puppies were born. A red bitch was purchased by Mr and Mrs Burley, Kesals Candy Floss who obtained a Res CC. Other dogs kept in the 80s were Kesals Madam FiFi and Kesals Manny.

In the mid-80s I took the Chinese Chow judging trial, after passing I judged at Dudley Metropolitan Open show, Kingston upon Thames, the Wolverhampton Fiesta open show and Peterborough & District Open show. Due to family commitments we stopped showing in 1989 but always kept a Chow as a family pet.

In 2008 we purchased a red puppy from Debbie and Gary Southgate: Santicana Circle of Life at Kesals. When shown he won many firsts at Open and Championship shows including 2 BMP in Show, Res Puppy in breed, Best Dog and Res Best in Show at the Chow Chow Club Open show 2013, Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex in Show at COTY 2013.

In 2010 we also purchased from Gary and Debbie, a red bitch, Santicana Pure Delight who won Best Puppy in Show. She was not keen on showing so we mated her to Pam and Stef Godber’s Ch/Ir Ch. Cherrymount Good To Be Black At Lechan in 2012. A litter of 8 puppies resulted and we then kept 2 bitches, Kesals Anna JW and Kesals Ebony Eyes, 2 Res CCs and a Best in Show in 2013. Kesals Jorja was kept from Santicana Circle Of Life and “Poppy” when shown she got 1 Best Puppy in Show, a Res Puppy in Show and Res Puppy in Breed. Other dogs residing with us are from Kwaitang Kole Porter At Lechan: Kesals Shogun has a Best Puppy in Breed and Kesals Penny Black a Res Puppy in Breed.

In 2012 I passed the CJTS, movement and conformation hands on requirements and the requirements of a dog show judge [2017] I have judged 6 open shows including the NECCC since 2010. Both Alison and I were Committee members of the Midland Chow Chow Club for several years in the 1980s. Then in 2016 I joined the Chinese Chow Club Committee and in 2018 became the Chairman.


Vince Larkin

It is my pleasure to be the Vice Chairman of this exciting and dynamic Club. I am Essex based businessman who's Chow Chow adventure started about 5 years ago as I researched this wonderful breed.

My first experience of the Chinese Chow Club was their Tea Party where I was so impressed with their friendliness and helpfulness. I was hooked.
The brilliant guidance and help from the committee and members lead me to my Kato (Fullforge Fred and Ginger). And so the adventure began.

My other dog related activities include being an an active committee member of the Wickford and Basildon Canine Society where we teach ringcraft and organise Open Shows throughout the year. I also organise informal Chow Chow meet ups and walks for Chow Chow owners in the South East of UK.


Marion Sargent (Tegwani)

Chinese Chow Club

My name is Marion Sargent, I have been involved in dogs for coming up 40 yrs now, obviously in my mothers womb ! I was the first person in import Akitas into this country in recent times, and boy how they have grown! Been actively involved in clubs, from Secretary of all breed open shows, to Treasuer of breed clubs. Never owned a Chow Chow but have always had an interest in them along with other oriental breeds. My involvement with the club started when Mildred Bennett was unable to continue as Secretary, and I was asked if I would help the club out. I started off as Secretary, went for a short time on Committee and now I am Treasurer. I currently award CC's in 17 breeds across 3 groups, and am passed for the Utility Group and Pastoral Group at Championship level.

Outside of dogs, I work for TNT. I enjoy travelling, so try to escape a couple of times a year. I have been to China, so have seen Chows in their native country. I have a big pile of books that need reading and a house that needs redecorating, so not a lot of free time.


Jennie Pickering

Last May my dreams came true when I brought home Barney, an eight week old puppy from the wonderful Joan Rennie. Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted a dog but growing up in a ‘cat family’ and then working full time since leaving home made that impossible.

When I met my husband John over 25 years ago we rescued our first Persian cat. She was very poorly when we first got her...the vet told us to expect to lose her within 3 - 6 months. 11 years later we did finally say goodbye and I was heartbroken. As we were both working full time we agreed it was not the right time to get a dog so my Persian family grew; we have three beautiful babies.

We now work for ourselves and over the last few years I have been able to work more from home. Around three years ago, with my need for a dog becoming obsessive, we agreed that we could offer the time, commitment and loving home all dogs deserve once I finished a big contract in 2017. My research began; we wanted a dog that could live with the cats and an online website suggested Chow Chows. I instantly fell in love with this beautiful breed. We visited a Chow Chow show to meet breeders and owners and learn as much as we could. Arriving in the car park and seeing the now familiar sight of Chows being taken into the hall I burst into tears; I was overcome with emotion...I still had two years to wait!

Over the last two years I have attended several shows, including Crufts, and have met some of the nicest, kindest people. Always welcoming and happy to answer questions I have appreciated the support as a new Mum and feel part of this wonderful Chow community.

Of all the shows I have attended I particularly enjoy the Chinese; so friendly with a great atmosphere and always a great day out. I would like to offer any help as part of the committee and return some of the support I have received over the last few years.

We live in Cambridge and I have two step children, as well as my three kitties and our beautiful Barney.

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