Chinese Chow Club
Chinese Chow Club

The foundation of the club

The Chow Chow Club was the very first Chow Chow Club founded in the world, established in 1895. After a couple of years, the harmony between the members of the committee was to be broken. In 1911, the Kennel Club had to deal with a case against the secretary, who failed to pay the KC a sum of £15 owing for show guarantees and that on resigning as secretary refused to deliver up the club's files (books, papers, etc.). As a result, a group led by well-known Lady Faudel-Phillips (Amwell) left the Chow Chow Club. In December 1911, the group of friends met at Pet Dog Show in order to found a new club. The name chosen by the committee was "Chinese Chow Club" - with only one "chow" - and the Kennel Club granted it. The Chinese Chow Club is currently the second oldest Chow Club in the UK.

Shows & prizes

The start of the Chinese Chow Club was full of energy due to Lady Faudel-Phillips' action, who became chairperson. After a couple of years, the club was able to support general dog shows and offer special prizes and trophies. In 1913, a lovely silver medal was awarded to best dog & bitch and best novice dog & bitch at the famous Cruft's dog show. Then the collection grew over the years, with the Shan Trophy (presented by Miss Lawton) for best red with cream shadings dog or bitch, Herbert Adam Silver Cup (presented by Mrs Herbert Adam) for best limit dog, Liddon Silver Cup (presented by Mrs Liddon) for best limit bitch, Rochow Cup (presented by Mr D Rotch (Rochow)) for best limit dog, Ch Ridgy Cup for best blue bitch or Chinnery Memorial Cup (presented by Mr D Rotch) for best cream or blue dog. These last two ones were awarded for the first time at Cruft's in the 1920's. Some others were donated to the club and still on offer today : Challenge Trophy presented by the Earl of Lonsdale, Long Acre Cup presented by Mrs A Tidd (Long Acre), Faudel-Phillips Cup presented by Mrs A Fullerton (Nea), Montefiore Cup presented by Lady Faudel-Phillips, Miss Topside Memorial Bowl presented by Mrs R Whitbread or Novice Cup presented by Mrs V Mannooch (Choonam). All of them were awarded at the same time at the LKA Championship Show in 1935, to support a big event judged by a French judge, Madame R Maréchal, who was the chairlady of the Chow Chow Club de France.

In the end of the 1920's, the Chinese Chow Club started to organize special classes at general dog shows, confined to members, usually as restricted limit dogs/bitches. In 1929 and 1930, the Chinese Chow Club even supported The Chow Chow Club show in conjunction with the Kensington Canine Society Championship Show and offered special prizes (medals and tea spoons). A couple of years later, the idea came up to hold a Breed championship show. Approaches were made between the two clubs in order to hold a joint Breed championship show but they were unsuccessful. So the Chinese Chow Club held its first single championship show. It took place at Messrs. Tattersall's in London, on 13th January 1937. 160 chows were entered thus making 430 entries. Mrs G Williams judged dogs and Mrs J Hurst judged bitches. Mrs V Mannooch (Choonam) was the great winner of the event with 26 firsts, 6 seconds, Best in Show, Best Stud Dog, Best Brood Bitch and Best Veteran in Show. Ch Choonam Sun Fang gained the Dog CC and Ch Choonam Pee Che got the Bitch one. The year after, same location, The Chow Chow Club held its own single championship show.

The WWII slowed down dog activities and no championship show was organized during the war. After it, the second club's championship show was held once again in London, in 1947, at Royal Horticultural Old Hall (Vincent Square). 307 entries were registered, judged by Mr E Lumley (D) and Mrs R Grice-Hutchinson (B). Li Wu Fah gained Dog CC and BIS while Ch Viking of Barwick gained the Reserve one. Ch Peach of Silverway got Bitch CC - her third one - and Anthea of Barwick got the Reserve one.

Some famous names of the past

If Lady Faudel-Phillips is the famous name mostly associated with the Chinese Chow Club, some other chow figures from the past took a part of the adventure. In 1920's, Miss N Merrett was secretary of the club. She kept the position until the WWII when Miss S M Knowles took over, followed by Mrs N Stott in the beginning of the 1950's and then shortly after by Mrs A Brown (Amerden). In the 1960's, the secretary was Mrs L Stone and chairperson Lady Barbara Royle. Mr G Nicholson entered the committee as cup steward and in turn became chairman of the club with some major changes in the committee. Mrs M Bennet took over as secretary, a position she has kept until quite recently when Mrs M Sargent took over, followed by Mrs A Douse who is the current secretary of the club.

Some famous chow persons have served on the club's committee over the years, among others Mrs Honor Green, Miss Ethel Buckley, Mrs Doris Claxton (Chanoyu) or Miss Joan Joshua (Jo-San).

Written by J Marchetti (2018)

Chinese Chow Club
Chinese Chow Club
Chinese Chow Club
                 Above : Mrs M Bird with Ch Peach of Silverway
                 Taken at the Chinese Chow Club Championship Show in 1947
                 Photo by Mr N Tovey (1947)

Chinese Chow Club
Above : 1980 Chinese Chow Club Championship Show (FLTR) : Mrs E Bush (Windwood), Mrs S Jakeman (Tanlap) with Ch Tanlap Tristar (Dog CC), Mr V Hey (Dog Judge), Mr G Nicholson (Chairman), Mr H Smith (Bitch Judge) and Mrs D Smith (Hanoi) handling for Mrs J Taylor (Taymith) with Ch Hanoi Tauna Dora (Bitch CC)

Chinese Chow Club
Chinese Chow Club

Armyne Evelyn Gordon was born on 21st June 1879. Her father was Lord Granville Gordon, son of the 10th Marquis of Huntly, and her mother was Lady Gordon.

A family business

The Chow cult started in the UK with the Earl of Lonsdale and the Marchioness of Huntly. Both owned chows imported from China, a well-known one was the male Peridot, owned by the Marchioness of Huntly. Lady Granville Gordon received her first chows as a gift when she married the Marchioness' son. She has known the chows a bit as she was related to the Earl of Lonsdale too. This is how it all began. Lady Granville Gordon was hooked and then she founded her famous kennel. One of her favouritre chows was Ch Blue Blood, a blue bred in 1893 from the mating of 2 chows bred by her mother-in-law.

Miss Armyne Gordon was born and grew among chows and that's how she fell in love with the breed. Together with her mother, she founded The Chow Chow Club in 1895. Miss Armyne Gordon established her own kennel under the affix "of Amwell" and married to Sir Lionel Lawson Faudel-Phillips, thus becoming known as Lady Faudel-Philips.

The Amwell Chows

Lady Faudel-Phillips enjoyed all colours of chows and she bred lovely blues, the best one, in her opinion, was Ch Bluet, a home-bred blue bitch. She gained 15 CC's and was only once out of money in 12 years of shows. She also owned and bred creams on a regular basis, one of them being the male Poyang, winner of several prizes.

In 1913, she bred the black champion Ch Pusa of Amwell, who managed to gain a Cruft's CC at the age of 11. His grandson Lee Wu was sold to Miss Henrietta Brandes-Ely, an american lady who lived in France between the wars. This dog was remembered as the sire of Ch Akbar, winner of 22 CC's and sire of many champions. He was also known as great producer of cream chows.

It may be a little long to mention all of Lady Faudel-Phillips' achievements and there are numerous interesting articles in old books and articles. Enjoy reading them !

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